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About ICE4CT 2019


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First International Conference on Emerging Electrical Energy, Electronics and Communication Technologies  2019 (ICE4CT 2019) aims for a  great gathering of both industrial and academic professional from across the world. It provides a major forum for the exchange of information among practicing professionals from all over the globe in the areas of greater importance in Engineering & Technology such as Intelligent Systems, Soft Computing and Optimization.     

Scope of the Conference 

The scope of the First International Conference on Emerging Electrical Energy, Electronics and Communication Technologies  2019 (ICE4CT 2019) is an wonderful opportunity which provides a flat-form to scientists, researchers, professors, scholars and academicians from the different parts of the world to discuss their latest innovative research results and the most recent cutting edge technologies and trends in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Computing Sciences. ICE4CT motivates the scholars and researchers to gain confidence in the area they are working for. With the excellent coverage and potential authors, the proceedings of this conference provide outstanding support to the participants to support their research works. ICE4CT promotes research and development activities and to provide a global forum of discussion for academicians, leading technologies and engineers in the above technologies. ICE4CT is an excellent platform to build a strong research network thereby providing a unique platform to its presenters to get in to the network.

How to submit your manuscript?

Authors shall submit their full manuscripts to ice4ct2019@gmail.com. For further details please check “Call for Papers” section.      

For further details, please contact  

The Conference Chair,
ICE4CT 2019,
E-mail: ice4ct2019@gmail.com



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